Help us save one of the most idyllic lots in Nashville from a 32 house cluster lot development

Welcome to Save Ivy Drive

We are a group of over 100 Inglewood neighbors banding together to
block a cluster home development on Ivy Drive.

We propose an alternative development plan that keeps our neighborhood intact and
follows Nashville’s own stated Community Design and Neighborhood Character guidelines.

The plots at risk are 3901- 3905 Ivy Drive in East Nashville’s beautiful
Inglewood neighborhood at the Cumberland River bluff.

The cluster home concept plans 32 homes to be built domino style on
5000 square foot lots at the end of our quiet residential street which currently features mature trees, open lawns,
woods and properties of 10000 square foot and more.

We propose a development plan that will better reflect and protect the Character of our Neighborhood and follow the Community Guidelines dictated by’s own official planning documents.

This plan is hostile to every document we can find regarding cluster home developments.

It violates every document we can find in the NashvilleNext Master Plan which stipulates that cluster homes be built close to main corridors, not on river bluffs at the furthest depth of old neighborhoods with large lots.

On a 2 house lot on Ivy Drive at the bend before it runs into Moss Rose along the river, MiKen developers are planning to cut woods and build 32 homes, several on top of a stream that empties into the  Cumberland. Their updated plan includes a paved alley that will cut across the required “open space communal” area and also cross the other end of this protected stream.

This concept plan will disrupt and destroy a peaceful and natural area that we visit daily in hopes of seeing deer, turkey, warblers, hawks and a huge variety of other wildlife, many of which nest on the premises.

Storm Water

This property is one house from a Flood Zone Overlay and lies at the lowest end of Ivy Drive just before the elevation drops down to river level. Rainwater drains to this property from Ivy, Milton and Shadow Land on its way to the Cumberland. Neighbors downstream already have issues with flooding with 2 homes on this land. 
*See Conservation Overly section 


One of the lots is entirely woods and the others are mixed areas of older woods and natural open spaces. Developer MiKen plans to clear cut our trees to build an internal street and build  this dense housing RS5 development.


There is currently a Conservation Overlay (CO) land use policy that covers the stream that runs across this property emptying into the Cumberland River just blocks away.

Developer MiKen plans to divert the northern part of the stream and build houses over that stream bed. His updated plan includes building an “alley” through the southern end of the stream.



Harriers have been nesting on the edge of this property for 20 years. Brown Creepers, bluebirds, warblers and woodpeckers feed and nest on this land.

Deer & Turkey

Deer use this area as a nursery. They graze, play and leap along Ivy and Moss Rose and use the Ivy 3901 woods and stream as main habitat.  Male Turkeys have paraded right down the middle of Ivy Drive in tight formation calling out their synchronized breeding songs.


The elusive red fox call this area on the bluff their home and raise their pups here.

Join us!